Earlier this summer, a brawl between rapper Busta Rhymes and a Steel Gym employee broke out on West 23rd street in Manhattan. During the fight, Busta chucked a container of strawberry Muscle Milk at the man’s head, and was subsequently arrested and charged with assault. No joke.

Just this morning, the rapper pleaded guilty to harassment—a.k.a chucking a protein drink at a dude’s head—in Manhattan Criminal Court. According to The New York Times, Busta must attend counseling for anger management, but other than that, The Dragon got off relatively scot-free.

The New York Times explains the scene outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse this morning,

“Mr. Smith, dressed in a sharp black suit and wearing diamond earrings, was all smiles as he left court with his lawyer, as a bodyguard ran interference, blocking reporters. ‘You that aggressive with your man?’ he said to one female reporter who tried to ask him a question. Then he stopped to hug a court officer who said he was a big fan. Mr. Smith was also recognized by another fan — a man in handcuffs who was being escorted in by the police. ‘That’s Busta! That’s Busta!’ the man said, jumping up and down.

‘The criminal charges, especially charging him with a felony, was a bunch of bull,’ Mr. Smith’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, said. ‘Busta and I are glad the district attorney’s office agreed to drop all the criminal charges.'”

Moral of the story: If you’re a celebrity, you should continue acting a fool and chucking shakes at innocent people, because celebs are obviously above the law.

[via The New York Times]