Wolfing down a burrito is an admirable talent. Just look at Nela Zisser, the model and food-crushing gawd who can finish a two-pound burrito in under two minutes. But if chowing down on a burrito in a two-minute time frame sounds too damn easy, there is a new challenge in town, and the title is still up for the taking.

After watching Boston Celtics power forward Kelly Olynyk attempt to eat a massive burrito in just four bites, SB Nation’s  decided to take on the challenge for himself. 

Dator ordered himself the spiciest 1.5-pound burrito he could get his hands on. The result was a spicy chipotle chicken burrito stuffed with rice, beans, peppers, jalapeño, guac, sour cream, cheese, and three times the amount of hot sauce normally added in a burrito all wrapped in a chipotle tortilla. Dator clearly doesn’t mess around.

Thinking he could easily finish the challenge Olynyk started, Dator took an ambitious first bite of his monstrous burrito, only to find he bit off more than he could chew—literally. Many tacticts were attempted, such as sucking the contents of the burrito out like a straw and cupping the burrito, but none succeeded. After four bites, Dator had accepted defeat, requesting any viewers who thought they could do better to take a shot at the challenge.

Although Dator did not accomplish his goals, his fearless attempt at taking on this challenge serves for celebration. James Dator, we salute you.

[via SB Nation]

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