Whether you believe in the Based God or not, Lil B’s Based-God curse has been making waves in the NBA starting with his iconic single “Fuck Kevin Durant,” and more recently, his feud with Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden.

In case you weren’t aware, Harden has been the target of Lil’ B and his curse ever since he began flicking his wrist in the cooking dance (who could forget Harden’s cooking bobblehead?). All Lil’ B wanted was for Harden to give rightful credit to Lil’ B for creating the cooking dance. Instead, Harden ignored him and Lil’ B was forced to place the curse on James, thus instilling fear throughout the NBA.

The curse caused some major tension in the NBA as Harden and the Houston Rockets struggled throughout the season. But it looks as though the curse may have lost its power.

Rap legend Bun B recently spoke to TMZ Sports about the Houston Rockets and their on-going curse. Instead of begging Lil B for mercy like the rest of us, Bun B shuts down the curse rumors noting Lil’ B was not the creator of the cooking dance. He explains,

[pullquote]”I’ve known Lil B since he was in the Pack. I support him musically. But we don’t buy into that because we know that Pimp C created [the cooking dance] not Lil B. We don’t stand for that.”[/pullquote]


It looks as though Rockets fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. If Bun B’s claim holds true, then the Lil’ B curse must be coming to an end.

[via TMZ]