The pizza-loving folks over at Slate offer up a tried-and-true method for reheating leftover pizza so that it is crispy with perfectly melted cheese. Listen carefully, because nothing is worse than incorrectly reheated pizza—for instance, when the cheese is melted and the crust is soggy, or when the crust is crisp but the cheese is hard and cold.

Slate explains that the method shown here is “nearly as fast as the microwave,” and produces pizza that is “crispier than the oven, and packed with a fresh layer of flavor—not to mention perfectly melted cheese.” Never throw leftover pizza in the microwave again!

Step 1: Heat a pan over medium


Step 2: Pour a splash of olive oil


Step 3: Add cold pizza


Step 4: Fry until golden brown


Step 5: Cover for 1 min to melt cheese


Step 6: Feast


[via Slate]