Lots of bad things can result from a game of beer pong. For one, it’s an easy to way to transmit germs—people’s hands are all over those balls, which then end up in the beer, which then ends up in your mouth. Secondly, it makes an awful mess, with beer splashing everywhere and wet ping pong balls bouncing all over the room. And, of course, there’s always the threat of a pretty wicked hangover the next day.

But one thing you don’t usually worry about being a repercussion of a beer-pong game is burning down your house, yet that’s exactly what happened to one unlucky dude this past Halloween.


As explained in a rather lengthy post on the popular subReddit thread “Today, I Fucked Up,” the author had a few people over to hang out on Halloween night. As a heated game of beer pong was taking off, he invoked a “house rule” he has for the game, which states that if someone throws an air ball, their opponent can catch the ball and immediately hurl it back at the thrower; if it hits him or her in the face, then the thrower’s team has to pull a cup over to their side. (Seems logical, right?)

According to the author, he did, in fact, catch an air ball that his opponent threw and promptly whizzed it back at him. As he did, his opponent jumped backwards, knocking two lit candles off of nearby table. The candles flew several feet, right into a set of homemade curtains, which immediately caught fire. In the ensuing panic, the author attempted to douse the flames with water from the sink, but it was too late. The house was fast becoming engulfed, so they all had no choice but to grab the dog and get the hell out of there.


While firemen ultimately were able to salvage the rear portion of the house, the living room and the dining room are, according to the author, “fucked.”

Perhaps the funniest part of the entire post is that, amidst all the gory details about how this guy managed to burn his house down as a result of playing beer pong, he took the time to point out that he had dressed up as Super Mario for Halloween and his buddy was dressed as Bowzer. It’s as if he’s trying to say to us: “Hey, I know I’m an absolute idiot, but damned if I’m not a clever idiot.” Better luck next time, fella.


The inferno’s real culprit?

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