The world has officially hit peak bacon. According to CNET, J&D Foods—a purveyor of bacon-flavored foods like bacon popcorn and salt—is now selling bacon-scented underwear for both men and women, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “bacon bits.”

Each pair ($19.99) features an image of bacon strips next to the phrase “stop and smell the,” encouraging people to smell each other’s bacon-y nether regions.The “handcrafted” garments apparently offer the “smell of breakfast cooking in your pants,” a phrase that should maybe never be uttered again. Typically people go out of their way to make sure their junk doesn’t smell well smoky, meaty, and funky.

There is some good news though: For those that are concerned about sourcing things locally, the underwear is made in the USA. Then again, could bacon-scented underwear really be anything but pure American ingenuity?

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time someone has thought to combine foodstuffs with underwear to riff on the idea of “food porn.” The Los Angeles Times writes that Naja is a company with a certain penchant for food underwear. They are known for their Happiest Meal collection which includes three pairs of underwear—one that looks like a double cheese burger, another that looks like French fries, and a third that features a milk shake. However, none of Naja’s products are scented.

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