It’s been one week since Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s new series Master of None debuted on Netflix, and the world is already hooked. The charming characters, raw storyline, and relatable humor makes the show downright irresistible and the public wants more. Recently, Ansari and Yang took to Reddit to answer viewer questions; the insights we learned about the writers, the show, and shawarma were truly priceless.

Here is everything you need to know about Aziz and Alan’s perspective on food and the role it plays in Master of None.

The best pasta Aziz ever ate

This was a good week for me and pasta.

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Aziz says: “That pasta [in] Dev’s fridge is a pasta I really ate in Rome. It was tollerini alla gricia (I think?). Also I just went to Bologna and loved the tortellini en brodo I had there. Holy shit.”

Aziz’s favorite NYC restaurants right now

Redditor question: “What’s your favorite restaurant in NYC? / What would you consider to be the most riskiest thing you’ve ever done?”

Aziz says: “Riskiest thing I’ve done – going to a taco place without doing any research before hand.*

Favorite NYC restos – right now – Santina, Great NY Noodletown, Lupa, Uncle Boon’s.

*Haha just kidding I’d never do that, was just joking.”

The draw of filming in Nashville

Some good grandma food for lunch, at Arnold’s in Nashville! #arnoldscountrykitchen

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Aziz says: “One of our writers had [the Nashville date] experience and it fit with my “Monster Truck Rally Theory” from the book, so seemed perfect. Also loved going to Nashville so we could use that country music and I could eat at Arnold’s Country Kitchen.”

Where to find A+ shawarma in Astoria

#duzan #shhh…warma. Love my job #bless

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Alan says: “That shawarma conversation was actually improvised on the day we shot it because we were in Astoria and we got shawarma from a place called Duzan. It was so delicious, we mentioned shawarma in the scene.”

Why Aziz hates the term “foodie”

More lasagna. #LivingSoItalian

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Aziz says: “Yeah that’s why I hate the term ‘foodie,’ any reasonable person I know put’s thought into where they eat a meal, no one is just like “FOOD!” and goes into a random place. Give them the weird fetish-y term (I like “food bozos” and “food weirdo”)”

[via Reddit]

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