NFL fans are serious when it comes to cooking up gut-busting foods at pre-game tailgates. Already this year the Green Bay Packers’ concessions team had Johnsonville whip up a record-breaking brat that clocked in at a whopping 120 yards long and 250 pounds. Now we might have the gnarliest fan-made dish this season.

Self-proclaimed New York Jets fan Greg Proechel grilled a freakin’ 96-ounce porterhouse before the team’s game against the Miami Dolphins. Take a look at this thing.

Not for the faint of heart, Proechel’s probably better prepared than most tailgating NFL fans to make such a monstrous piece of meat: His Instagram bio lists that he’s a chef at the reportedly soon-to-open Lower East Side restaurant Le Turtle NYC. There’s also the chance this isn’t his first rodeo with a 96-ounce porterhouse. In the caption for the photo he says “she’s baaack,” perhaps indicating he’s made it before.

Of course, fans and game attendees have also encountered plenty of other extreme eats once they get into the stadium. ESPN’s Darren Rovell (who’s probably tweeted about the subject more than anyone should) also spotlighted the following crazy concoctions.

The Chicago Bears’ Midway Monster

The Baltimore Raven’s Tailgate Burger

In addition to Proechel, another group of legendary chefs decided to throw a next-level tailgate. Michael Mina was joined by Andrew Zimmern, Matthew Jennings, and Dirty Habit’s David Bazirgan at the Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers game.

Neither tailgates look like they were for the faint of heart.

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