Susannah Mushatt Jones, who recently celebrated her 116th birthday as the oldest person on earth this past July, is bacon’s biggest fan. According to the New York Post, the Alabama native eats the food daily for breakfast and continues to snack on bacon throughout the day.

According to Mashable, Jones’ aide at the Vandalia Senior Center claims that if left to her own devices, Jones would “eat bacon all-day long.”

While a typical breakfast for Jones consists of eggs, grits, and bacon, Jones explains that the secret to living a long and happy life consists of more than a bacon-heavy diet. She tells the Guinness Book of World Records that surrounding yourself with positive energy can do wonders for an aging soul.

Jones is not the only person to divulge that her secret to longevity is food. Here’s a run-down of some foods supercentenarians claim will help you live forever:

Miller High Life

A 110-year-old Jersey resident named Agnes Fenton says her secret is drinking three Miller High Lifes every single day for almost 70 years. The routine started after Fenton discovered she had a benign brain tumor. Her doctor suggested she drink three Miller High Lives to slow the development of degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. She even added a shot of scotch into her routine because why the hell not.

Twice-Cooked Pork

Back in 2014, 117-year-old Chinese-native Fu Suqing claimed her longevity was related to her consistent diet of twice-cooked pork. The classic Sichuan recipe uses fatty pork belly that is first simmered then stir-fried with black bean, chili bean, sweet bean, and leek.


Misao Okawa, who lived to be 117-years-old, attributed her long life to eating sushi at least once a month, and also getting plenty of sleep. So go ahead and sleep in until noon before indulging in that extra spicy tuna hand roll this weekend.

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