The key to boozy eating as an undergrad (and usually underage) college student is becoming as inconspicuous as possible upon entering the dining hall. Dress casually, remain quiet, act polite, and then commence gorging on all manner of amazing cafeteria and/or Grab-N-Go food that your chosen institution of higher learning provides.

The University of Connecticut student above, whose name is allegedly Luke Gatti, did none of those things when he started b*tching about wanting some “f*ckin’ bacon mac and cheese.” In fact, he did the complete opposite. Here’s a short list of his inappropriate behavior:

• He shoved the cafeteria manager
• He called aforementioned intervening cafeteria manager a “retard” and “f*g[got]”
• He became physical with an intervening student
• He dropped the word “f*ck” an uncountable number of times

Eventually, the kid was tackled to the ground by an employee after he again shoved the dining hall’s manager, and was then cuffed and taken out of the building by what appears to be campus police—but not before he spit in the manager’s face. Nice, buddy.

BroBible notes that this isn’t Young Uncouth’s first turn as a complete and utter douchebag: He was also arrested twice in the span of one month at UMass-Amherst last year, where he assaulted an officer and called him the N-word.

To quote the great 50 Cent, “damn, homie, in high school you was the man, homie. What happened to you?”

[via BroBible]

UPDATE: The intrepid folks at Gawker reached out to UConn to get the recipe for the “f*cking bacon jalapeño mac and cheese” that the drunk undergrad wanted so badly. Maybe the next time the a**hole gets belligerent, he can try to make it for himself instead of assaulting the cafeteria staff.