Colorado resident Manige Osowski, pictured above, says that her child received a playing card in lieu of a toy in her Wendy’s kids’ meal. Sprawled on the playing card was racist and other slurs, allegedly directed towards the child.

“I had to explain to my child what the ‘N’ word means and she’s never heard that term before,” Oswoski told Denver news outlet KDVR.

The two Wendy’s employees responsible for the note were promptly fired by the chain, and a Wendy’s spokesperson says the company “reached out and have formally apologized to the customer.”

But Osowki says she does not accept Wendy’s apology. She tells KDVR, “While I do understand that two individuals were responsible for this, there’s a systemic problem that this isn’t addressed to the people it hurt.” She wants her child to be formally apologized to.

Colorado residents took to the streets outside the Wendy’s on Tuesday to protest the employees’ malicious  actions.

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