If you thought The Rock and Michael Phelps’ 10,000 calorie diets were insane—that’s child’s play compared to San Diego Chargers Linebacker Brock Hekking’s eating habits.

Hekking proved he is indeed the king of calorie consumption with a thirty-second video clip of him devouring exactly 21,396 calories, filmed by Bleacher Report.

In an impressive 43 minutes, Hekkin was able to down (what looks like) the entire menu at San Diego institution Phil’s BBQ. His insane meal consisted of racks of ribs, plates of onion rings, bowls of mash potatoes, and plenty of Gatorade.


Although Hekking’s caloric meal can’t be topped, these athletes prove just how successful one can be on calorie-dense meals:

Michael Phelps

Claim to fame: World’s most decorated Olympian

Calories: 12,000

David Carter

Claim to fame: NFL defensive lineman

Calories: 10,000 of pure vegan food

JJ Watt

@jimmyfallon this showed up at my door yesterday… @justintimberlake

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Claim to fame: Houston Texans defensive end

Calories: 9,000

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Snacks on a Plane. #IDontEatSnacks #ButIDoFlexInFrontOfThem #AndDominateThemOnceIPostThisPic

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Claim to fame: Actor and WWE wrestling

Calories: 15,000 calories on a cheat day

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