When it comes to celebrity booze empires, no one does it better than Puff Daddy.

Although Diddy’s vodka may appear to be the premier celebrity liquor (looking at you, Ciroc boyz), BuzzFeed took to the red carpet to find out if some of music’s biggest stars could taste the difference between everyday, cheap vodka and Ciroc. 

While some celebrities—namely Jason Derulo—went into the the game with a bit of cockiness, ultimately every star was able to differentiate between the cheap vodka and Diddy’s liquor.

Lee Brice describes Ciroc as a “sweet, smooth, earthy, herby,” drink—a description not commonly used by people downing bottles of the booze on a regular basis.

Let Puff Daddy be the first to tell you his OG blend is the best of its kind.


Did Puffy rig the taste test? Was he paying these celebs to say they loved Ciroc? Who knows. All we know is Danny Brown is the OG of celebrity booze taste testing, lest you forget.