If you’re over the age of 12 and looking to score something cheap and satisfying this halloween, Chipotle’s you covered.

This Halloween, the burrito giant will be giving away $3 burritos to those dressed in costume with an “unnecessary addition” to their outfit of choice. This could range from dressing up as a ghost in a sombrero to a vampire wearing a tutu.

Although the cheap-burrito promotion has become a tradition for Chipotle during Halloween, the chain has decided to spin the promotion in a slightly different way for 2015. According to Time, Chipotle plans to set aside $1 million from the Halloween proceeds to benefit the restaurant’s foundation to promote sustainability and food literacy. The chain has also released several “scary” commercials in which customers are faced with fast food ridden with unsustainable additives.

In case you need a little extra help picking out a costume to wear to Chipotle this Halloween, here are some potential costume ideas that will undoubtedly get you a $3 burrito:

Greenbowl Rat Goddess

No costume will demonstrate your social media savviness quite like a costume dedicated to the famed #PizzaRat. If you choose to take on this ensemble, try and switch things up by tossing out the pizza in exchange for a stalk of kale. This turns the most New York animal ever caught on camera into a Greenbowl Rodent Goddess.

Taco Bell Chihuahua in Drag

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Feeling gutsy? Show up to Chipotle dressed as the chain’s arch nemesis: the Taco Bell Chihuahua. The unnecessary addition to this costume can range from a feather boa to a shimmery wig. Regardless of how you choose to spin the costume, the main takeaway should be the confidence you had to muster up in order to show up to Chipotle as its biggest competitor’s mascot.

A British Carnitas Pig

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What better way to celebrate the second coming of Chipotle carnitas than by dedicating a costume to the event. Put together a cute pig costume and embellish it with little British trinkets like a Union Jack flag or a crumpet as a tribute to the British pigs that will be sparing their lives to supply America with its favorite burrito-bowl meat.

[via TIME]