Vegans still take a lot of flack in our culture—especially vegan dudes. It’s like not eating meat or animal products is somehow equated with emasculation, which is strange when you think about how many celebrity males are now vegan. Just a few vegans worth mentioning: RZA, Cory Booker, Lil B, and Bill Clinton (though Bill may cheat from time to time).

Well, if those guys aren’t hardcore enough for you, how about this dude?

That’s Brian Turner, bodybuilder and dedicated vegan. So how does a guy who doesn’t eat any animal products bulk up that much? Soy burgers? Protein smoothies? Not quite. Turner’s answer is Chipotle.


That’s right, Turner hasn’t let his avoidance of meat and animal products dissuade his love of America’s favorite semi-Mexican food chain. In fact, last month he took his love of Chipotle to a pretty extreme level, by eating 10,000 calories worth of Chipotle food in one day. Don’t believe us? Well, good thing he made a video of it, which you can watch above.

Now, Turner isn’t the first guy to eat a lot of Chipotle and somehow get ripped. And if you’re worried about how “regular” he can still be, apparently that isn’t too big of a concern. But 10,000 calories worth of any food is a lot. To put that into context, Dwayne Johnson—a.k.a. The Rock—only eats 6,000 calories a day, though his mostly come from pescatarian snacks.

If you thought Chipotle’s humane-driven suspension of serving Carnitas garnered them a lot of love, Brian Turner is about to turn into a one-man PR machine.

[via Uproxx]