Take note, Ariana Grande—this is how you make a real apology.

After a video of a drunk undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut fighting for his right for mac and cheese went viral, the world was left wondering what might be next for young Luke Gatti.

It looks as though being humiliated in front of his fellow classmates may have done him some good.

Gatti took to YouTube to publicly apologize for shoving and spitting in the face of a dining hall staff manager who refused to give Gatti some bacon jalapeño mac and cheese. 

For those of you who need a little refresher, here’s a recap of what went down at UConn:

Throughout Gatti’s latest video, he apologizes to the cafeteria staff and manager for “just doing [their] job.” He explains that watching the footage back, he “could not believe it was him” and openly admits he “was a complete asshole” (an opinion shared by the rest of the world).

He goes on to explain he was indeed intoxicated in the video, admitting this was not the first time his mouth had got him into trouble.

After apologizing to the university community and those affected by the event, Gatti requests for those strange souls that offered to donate him some macaroni to send their donations to a local food bank where the food would be put to better use.

Way to take it like a man, Luke. That being said, you’re still an a-hole.

[via Gawker]