Every celebrity has his or her pet cause. For Katherine Heigl, it’s animal rescue. For Liam Neeson, it’s horse drawn carriages (didn’t see that one coming). And for L.A. rapper Tyler the Creator, it’s something even more noble: resurrecting obscure junk food items.



While many of us likely don’t even remember Tony’s Cinnamon Krunchers, the short-lived Frosted Flakes spinoff launched by Kellogg’s in 2003, Tyler is apparently a true believer that they were…well…gr-r-reat!


And he’s not letting something like the fact that they were discontinued around 2005 stand in his way.


No. Seriously. He really wants the damn cereal.


And he’s not stopping at breakfast treats, either. Frito Lay, you’ve been warned:


But Tyler’s love doesn’t even stop at Ruffles and Krunchers. He loves disgusting junk food in general.


Wonder how long that thing’s been spinning on that griddle. Ten years? Twenty? Who’s to say.

Anyway, if there are any discontinued snacks you’re just dying to get back on the market (Sno Balls, anyone?), it looks like you’ve found the greatest ally to help you in that battle.

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