Within a week, the notorious #PizzaRat went from hungry rodent to viral New York sensation. Now, it seems as though everyone wants a slice of that fame.

The OG Pizza Rat currently reigns as one of the most New York things ever captured on video, but countless other animals—including the Milkshake Squirrel and Los Angeles Kale Puppy—have appeared online, all in the hopes of becoming the next Pizza Rat.


It looks as though the fight for the title has even spread to the streets of the New York rat world. In a recent Instagram video posted by user Jonathen Liu, two rats—one of which has a striking resemblance to the original pizza rat—fight over a huge NY slice on the tracks of the subway. The poor larger rat has his massive slice pulled away right in front of him, before the two engage in a tug-of-war to decide who can steal the food first.

I win today, interwebs. #subwayrat #teampizza #pizzarat #pizzaparty

A video posted by Jonathen Liu (@jonathenlewd) on

Regardless of who won the title, it looks as though the #PizzaRat now has some real competition. Now let’s all refresh our Twitter feed and see if Obama wants to invite this little guy to the White House.

[via Instagram]