On that last fateful day on the Titanic, frantic passengers scrambled to save token keepsakes to remember their time on the luxury cruise liner before its ultimate demise into the ocean.

One of these keepsakes, a first-class lunch ticket from the last day on the ship, was recently auctioned off along with several other artifacts saved by passenger Abraham Lincoln Salomon (a first-class passenger who sailed to safety aboard the first lifeboat). The lunch menu, which featured a buffet of potted shrimp and Norweigen anchovies, sold for for over £58,000 or around $88,000 USD. The menu was signed by passenger Isaac Gerald Frauenthal who allegedly dined with Salomon and escaped on a different lifeboat.

According to CNN, the lunch menu is only one of three menus known to be in existence. The artifact was sold to a descendant of a Titanic survivor and depicts the luxurious meals available to those traveling in first-class.

Because not everyone on the ship was eating potted shrimp and Norweigan anchovies, here’s a look at what a typical meal on the Titanic looked like, broken down by class:



A typical meal for third-class passengers involved dishes heavily focused on potatoes, biscuits, and bread. Passengers were treated to vegetable soups and roast beef dinners—all of which were considered luxurious to the third-class diners coming from Ireland and Norway where vegetable dinners were scarce.


Second-class passengers indulged in meals also heavily focused on starches like potatoes and bread. The protein options also greatly outweighed those of the third-class passengers with meals centered on grilled ox kidneys, sausage, and ham.


Those lucky enough to dine in first-class were treated to a buffet option of salmon, shrimp, roast beef, and ox tongue. The menu features items exclusive to the first-class passengers, such as Chicken Maryland, in addition to meals served to those in the lower class cabins, like roast beef. The opulent lunch was finished with a platter of over eight different cheeses.

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