It’s no secret that the stereotypical Texas lifestyle is one to be envied. Rodeos, honky tonks, and Texas barbecue are just a few aspects of the state that make it great.

It looks as though Norwegians want in on that Texas Pride, too. According to Texas Monthly, the phrase “det var helt Texas” has become the Norwegian term for “it was totally/absolutely/completely bonkers.”

The phrase was spotted by a a Texas Monthly contributor on various Tumblr and Reddit threads, one of which said,

“It’s basically an idiom at this point. When I think of the word I picture a cowboy crashing a party and shooting two revolvers into the air. ‘It’s completely texas!!’”

And now, the phrase has made it to television. The Norwegian restaurant Dolly Dimple’s used the idiom in its latest commercial to promote its new “Texas” (a.k.a. bonkers) pizza deal. In the musical Lone Star State-themed commercial, a brisket-fed cowboy can be seen reveling in country music, barbecue, and of course pizza.

yikesWe think Americans should start using the term “Norway” to describe when something looks like a pizza, because that also makes so much sense.

[via Texas Monthly]