This past Saturday, LSU played the University of Florida in football—but not before the Tigers fans had a little pre-game roast.

As students began to hit the tailgate scene and rev up for the soon-to-be epic showdown (the teams were both ranked among the top ten in the country when they played), some LSU super-fans took their home-team dedication to the next level.

Pictures popped up all over social media of whole alligators being roasted, foreshadowing LSU’s huge win later that evening.

Although alligator is a common meat in Louisiana, some onlookers were not too happy to see the reptile being grilled up in honor of a football game.

The roast may not have won over every person, but the ritual appears to have done the team some good. The victory keeps LSU undefeated on the season, as they continue to vie for a college-football national title.

[via Yahoo! News]