If there’s one thing the world was desperately in need of (besides love and understanding), it was the taco emoji. Fortunately, that dream has become a reality.

In years prior, trying to convey to your friends in so little words that you want to hit up your local taquero for some al pastor has been near impossible. That is, until now.

In June, we reported new emojis including the cheese slice, champagne bottle, and taco were coming our way. Although there was previously no anticipated release date for the icons, that has all changed.

Yesterday marked the drop of Apple’s iOS 9.1 update. The update included the release of the taco,  middle finger, burrito, crab, popcorn, and turkey emojis. 

Android users can also partake in the new icons for those using Android 4.4 and higher.

So go ahead, update your phone and drop a few champagne bottle emojis to your best friends to let them know you’re ready to f*ck up some commas this weekend like Champagne Papi himself, before feasting on multiple tacos.

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You can even drop a few taco and burrito emojis to let your friends in on some new next-level Halloween costume ideas as portrayed by Odd Future’s Taco Bennett.


The possibilities are now truly endless.

[via US Weekly]