Forget that NBA Championship he won in June. Steph Curry has finally achieved something truly extraordinary: beloved game show Jeopardy! dedicated an entire category to the Golden State Warrior on last night’s episode in anticipation of the NBA season’s start.

The Double Jeopardy! category, entitled “Steph Curry’s Dishes,” which all NBA food lovers will admire, followed a category that focused solely on questions about curry the food, Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie reports. The category about Curry the pro basketball player included questions solely about Steph’s dishes, playing on the word’s double-meaning in both the sports and food worlds.

Ball Don’t Lie notes that the above pictures represent, clockwise from top left, the $1,200, $800, $1,600, and $400 questions. The fifth and final question for $2,000 (not pictured) was “Steph dished and dealt in the NCAA, leading this southern state’s Davidson College to the Elite Eight” (the answer is North Carolina).

Wondering how all five of those questions went over with the contestants? Here’s Ball Don’t Lie with the synopsis:

Tom Flynn, a bartender from Goshen, N.Y., and Sean Anderson, a law professor from Champaign, Ill., split the category, with Flynn taking the $400 and $1,600 clues and Anderson getting the $800, $1,200 and $2,000 questions. (Color me disappointed that Beth Horn, a nanny from Dallas, did not chime in on Dirk.) Anderson would go on to a big victory, making him a two-day champion whose winnings total $48,300. That’s a bit less than Steph will make for the Warriors this season, but hey, champions recognize champions.

We’re sure Curry’s reaction to the news went something like this.Steph

[Via Ball Don’t Lie]