Waitressing at a taqueria this past weekend may have helped St. Vincent solidify her Mexican food preferences.


In an interview with Bon Appétit, St. Vincent was asked if she preferred tacos to burritos. Her response?

Get outta here with that. Taco! Go back to San Francisco. I don’t need a burrito.

Her opinion sparked a Twitter outrage as fans flocked to the singer’s page to ask her how someone could possibly dislike burritos.

St. Vincent tweets that although she may not understand the hype around the bean blankets, she apologizes for anyone she may have insulted.

We may not 100% agree with what she is saying (although, the whole #burritobeforesex part seems more or less accurate). But we can be certain that the United States is filled with great places to get a tacoregardless of where you are.

Although St. Vincent may not be a big fan of burritos, this rat carrying a burrito through a NYC subway most definitely is.

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