As if Sanrio couldn’t possibly get any better, the Hello Kitty powerhouse decided to step up its game and create an edible version of everyone’s favorite lazy egg, Gudetama.

Meet edible Gudetama—the pooping and barfing lazy egg—who has been described as dead to the world and completely lacking motivationThe charismatic little guy become a whole lot more relatable by looking like us after a night out.


The pastry comes in both custard and chocolate flavors, giving the buyer the opportunity to choose which type of pain he would like to inflict on the innocent lazy egg. All you have to do is take a take a chop stick, poke a whole in the desired area, and watch what comes out. Sounds fun, right?


You can find the cheeky fellow at Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant Izumi Curry throughout the month.

Can’t make it to Hong Kong within the month and still want to try out some barfing foods? Check out these ketchup and mustard containers that have the same sick appeal.


[via Kotaku]