When UK supermarket Morrison’s decided to introduce a fun and creative pizza in honor of the Rugby World Cup, distributors did not realize one large flaw with the design.

This pizza—if we’re being honest—doesn’t really look anything like a rugby ball. 

As a reference, here’s what Morrison’s rugby-themed pizza looks like:

Here’s what an actual rugby ball looks like:

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According to The Telegraph, Laura Edwards was one of the first customers to spot the oddly themed pizza and stopped to take a photo. She explains,

“I know they were trying to get behind the Rugby World Cup but it hasn’t turned out well at all. I felt like a bit of a weirdo taking a photo of a vagina pizza but I know it would give people a laugh if I put it on the internet.

Morrison’s has yet to weigh-in on the vag pizza. So if you’re still hoping to catch a peek of it for yourself, it’s available for £3 (~$5). The pie is 14 inches in diameter.

Although the grocery store may not have mastered the art of themed pizzas, these New York pizzeria powerhouses do it best and could afford to teach Morrison’s a thing or two.

[via Mashable]