There are few things in life that top a freshly delivered pizza after a long night out.

Some genius architects in London took note of this sensation, designing elegant apartments furnished with personal pizza elevators that come at a price. If you’re game to drop £5.5 million pounds, or around $8 million dollars, homebuyers can experience a luxurious living situation at the London Gatti House.

According to The Guardian, the rooms come complete with a butler’s elevator leading from the pizza restaurant below the building into the master bedroom, giving residents the opportunity to order freshly made pizza straight to the bedroom without hardly lifting a finger.

All the homeowner needs to do is place an order into the restaurant and before no time a pizza will be sent up the personal-sized elevator and into the home. Deliverymen don’t even need to ring the doorbell.

The Guardian reports that the rooms with the butler elevators were previously used as private supper rooms where the likes of Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, and Noel Coward all dined.

If you’re hoping to invest in one of these prime pizza properties, real estate for the apartments begin at £3 million (or $4.6 milli) with three-bedroom penthouses available for £5.5 (or $8 milli). Better start saving.

[via The Guardian]