Were the unfortunate side effects of Burger King’s all-black Halloween Whopper too much for you to handle?

Well, there’s always McDonald’s China’s new “Modern Chinese Burger” if you’re into the whole colored-bun thing.yuck

(Photo: Path/Fina Gouw)

The silver, speckled burger features a pork patty, bacon, and a generous amount of American cheese. Think of it as a burger version of your favorite pork bao.

If you’re hoping to get a taste of this limited-time food, you have to hurry; the Modern Chinese Burger is only available until November 3rd.

Burger or Rock? #mcdonalds #ModernChinaBurger #yum?

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It might be your one and only opportunity to see a burger of this color. But the question remains: Do you really want to see a burger this color?

[via Time Out Beijing]