If McDonald’s all-day breakfast has taught us anything, it’s that dreams can easily be crushed.

After months of anticipation, fans of the Golden Arches were shocked to discover that some of their favorite items were not offered past 10:30 am.

One New Jersey Burger King—which just so happens to sit across the street from a McDonald’s—took note of this trend and figured it could do a better job.

The Garwood, New Jersey location is the nation’s lone Burger King offering all-day breakfast. The menu features many items you can’t find on a McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu including french toast, muffins, and croissants.

Burger King has declined to comment on the matter of BK all-day breakfast. Meanwhile, ABC News reports the neighboring McDonald’s believes that, contrary to news reports, the all-day menu has been “excellent” for its business.

At the beginning of the month, multiple restaurants weighed in on McDonald’s new menu including Denny’s, IHop, and 7-Eleven.

Who knows, if this Burger King’s risk ends up reaping some major benefits, we could all be indulging in all-day Burger King french toast in the near future.


[via ABC]