By now, you’ve likely tried a cronut, or perhaps even a cragel (croissant-bagel) or cruffin (croissant-muffin). Maybe you’ve even ventured into the world of croissant dough pizza or a “laminated” baguette from Arcade Bakery in NYC, which is literally a baguette wrapped in croissant dough. Seriously.

Now, it appears that even Taco Bell is getting in on the “Cro” craze by introducing their new Croissant Taco (Cro-co?).

But before you get your hopes up, this bad boy is currently only slated to be released in Cleveland on a test run. Taco Bell has really been pushing the envelope as of late (check out their fried chicken taco shell they’re testing at a couple California locations). In the meantime, at least this guy will get to enjoy plenty of them when he swings by at around 3am on a Friday night: 

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