It’s the classic Hansel and Gretel nightmare: one day you’re happily living next door to a neighbor and the next moment, you realize she might want to eat you and your progeny.

Last week, a Minnesota woman was arrested after admitting she sent anonymous notes to her neighbors asking if she could have a taste of their “delicious looking” children.


After the children were caught leaving various items in her yard and making a little too much noise, Carrie Pernula had finally had it. She decided to send letters to scare the children into behaving because—as every parent versed in child psychology knows—fear always works.

The first anonymous letter, which arrived on September 27th, read,

“The children look delicious. May I have a taste?”

Next, the family began receiving magazine subscriptions addressed to “Tasty Children.” 

CBS News reports Pernula now faces possible charges for terroristic threats and stalking. Oops. Although she was detained this past Friday, Pernula was released on Monday, giving the community lots to discuss at its next PTA meeting.

But make no mistake, this is not the first time someone has claimed to want to eat someone’s children…

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