It’s been over five months since Steph Curry trumped LeBron in the NBA Finals; five months since Guy Fieri graced the Warriors with his presence; five months since Lil B stole the national spotlight with his cooking dance curse. The wait is over fam’—the 2016 NBA season is upon us.

Last year’s playoffs proved to be a drama-packed affair. But after some impressive pre-season plays from Kevin Durant, 2016 is shaping up to be even more fierce.

To kick off the season in grand style, we pay homage to the greatest bottle poppin’ NBA turn-ups of all time. 

J.R. Smith Goes Hard (As Always).

Michael Jordan Proves He’s the G.O.A.T.

We’re Guessing Wilt Chamberlain Preferred Vintage Bubbly.


Bosh’s got the Champagne Shower on lock.


Harrison Barnes’ First Sip of Alcohol (With Goggles).

Larry Bird Steals a Cigar.

Kobe Knows: To Be Like Mike, You Gotta Drink Like Mike.




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