We’re not even a week into the NBA season and we’ve already seen some pretty impressive shots from players like John Wall and CJ McCollum.

But nothing can compare to the excitement this Memphis Grizzlies fan experienced after he made the half-court shot of a lifetime.

At last night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, one fan was put to the ultimate test: making a half-court shot in exchange for free tater tots for life.

With a lot on the line, the guy shoots the ball and allows fate to take its course.


And that’s how this lucky man won free Sonic tater tots for life.


The Wall Street Journal points out that the Grizzlies’ tater-tot reward for making this insane shot isn’t nearly as exciting as some past NBA prizes, like a car or a cash prize of $20,000. Still, who would turn down the opportunity to indulge in free tots every week?

Deadspin notes that the prize allows for the winner to receive up to one coupon for a medium order of Sonic tater tots per week. Go get ’em, tiger. You earned this.

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