It hasn’t even been a month since McD’s rolled out its first-ever all-day breakfast menu—but it looks as though the chain has no plans to stop rolling out new menu ideas.

Those looking for a different kind of fry with their Big Mac are in luck; a handful of Texas McDonald’s locations are testing out sweet potato fries. 

The fries are part of the restaurant’s latest “Create Your Taste” menu, which allows customers to craft their own artisan burgers from a variety of ingredients. ABC News reports that the Texas locations currently offering the sweet potato fries are “gathering valuable customer feedback on them,” leaving us hopeful that the fries will spread to other locations in the near future.

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Although McDonald’s currently has no plans to roll out sweet potato fries nationwide, a Texas location took to Twitter to explain great customer feedback might earn the item a spot on menus across America.

The fries are currently available for a limited time at Amarillo, Texas locations. You can cop a 16-ounce batch for $2.49.

This is not the first menu update from the fast-food giant that sounds like something on your local gastropub’s menu. Back in September, McDonald’s Germany launched its first-ever “McB” organic grass-fed burger—a healthier alternative to the classic Big Mac—free of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides.

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