Surely you remember visiting colleges, sneaking out of your parents’ hotel room, finding the nearest frat basement, and playing a game or two of ‘pong. If you don’t, well, congratulations for being more mature than the rest of America—but many of us had this experience whether we’d like to admit it or not.

So it should be no surprise that Malia Obama, POTUS’ 17-year-old daughter, was allegedly at a Brown University party perfecting her beer pong game (or maybe just standing next to a beer pong table) while touring the college last weekend.

According to Complexmultiple students tweeted that the Secret Service was waiting outside the Brown party.

Here is the unverified Snapchat allegedly showing Malia during a game of pong, which was leaked and obtained by the Daily Caller.


(Photo: Daily Caller)

People seem to be taking the supposed beer-pong playing with a grain of salt, given the fact that Malia is a teenager, and beer pong is what teenagers do.

FLOTUS’ reaction was probably something to the effect of, “I just hope the beer is organic!”

[via Complex Pop Culture]