It’s probably fair to say that when a potentially wasted Rick Ross gave his now-infamous pear shoutout in 2014, he had no clue what he was setting himself up for.

Now, nearly 18 months later, it has become the phrase that launched 1,000 memes, in the form of Vines, emoji abuse, and even apparel. And while Rick’s shoutout might not have actually boosted the sale of pears, it most certainly raised the public’s awareness of the delicious fruit.

Just yesterday, Macklemore took the pear craze to another level when he unveiled this picture on Instagram:

Shoutout to all the pear bling.

If Mack is to be believed, that pendant features 233 precious stones and took 8 years to make (though, it’s important to note, he does add a qualifying “maybe” after that last statement). It’s curious to wonder whether the fine jewelers at Tresor Paris had any idea what they were getting themselves into when they made this pear piece. But good for Macklemore for citing pears as his “6th favorite fruit.”

Hopefully this will inspire Rick Ross to continue his healthy lifestyle, and if there is any justice, “put down the fucking fish” will be the next greatest meme.

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