Expect to see copious amounts of pizza-related Instagram photos on LeBron’s social media accounts.

Despite McDonald’s recent introduction of all-day breakfast, LeBron James has decided to end his endorsement deal with McDonald’s. Instead, he has plans to support the fast-casual pizza chain, Blaze.

Back in 2012, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star forward invested in the assembly line-style pizza chain. King James now has plans to use his status as the best basketball player in the world to help promote Blaze Pizza in a new marketing strategy while simultaneously holding the franchise rights to Blaze restaurants in Miami and Chicago.

Using his role as the second most followed athlete on Twitter, LeBron will begin utilizing social media to spread the word on Blaze’s “fast-fire’d” pizza. A source tells ESPN that LeBron James currently owns 10% of the stake in Blaze, not including his current franchise rights in Miami and Chicago.

Rick Wetzel, founder of Blaze Pizza, explains, “LeBron came on as a founding investor and he had been silent and in the background. Now we’re using him to get our message out there and put the spotlight on our brand.”


[via ESPN]

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