We’ve seen a solid number of impressive snake and shark feasts in our time, but nothing can compare to the suave manner in which this jaguar catches its midday snack.

YouTube user SurukiSondo caught the footage of this cat completely dominating a crocodile, giving us reason to believe land animals are king.

Here’s what went down:

First, this hungry cat spots his prey and dives in.


In a strategic move, the jaguar is able to grip hold of the croc via it’s neck, giving no opportunity for the animal to fight back.  2

The jaguar has the strongest bite of all wild cats and three-quarters the bite strength of a tiger. Given this information, you can only image what a few bites did to this crocodile. After latching onto his prey, the jaguar is able to fully capture the croc before lifting the entire animal with its jaw back into the bushes for a meal.


Now that’s how you forage for your lunch.

[via YouTube]