On these Internets, we’ve detailed why the Cleveland Cavaliers’ J.R. “Tha Gawd” Smith is in his own stratosphere when it comes to entertaining. Frankly, he knows how to party and get those around him pumped better than 99.9% of us.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Swish is back to his old antics; this time, in his team’s third preseason game in Columbus, OH, he’s gifting Cavs fans sitting near the bench sugary treats just for attending.


Bleacher Report writer Ben Axelrod added several more details about Smith’s purchase.



But J.R.’s culinary adventures in Ohio’s capital city don’t end there. He also visited Blaze pizza with teammates Mo Williams and LeBron James, the latter of whom is now a significant player in the fast-casual franchise.

#blazepizza in Columbus! #KingsOrders

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A video posted by JR Smith (@teamswish) on

And it got lit.


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What a time.