If you have ever dined as a vegan or vegetarian, chances are you’ve struggled with the lack of menu options available at non-vegan restaurants.

At one Dublin, Ireland restaurant, owner Paul Stenson took to Facebook to ask all vegans to give his restaurant advance warning of their “idiosyncratic” dietary requirements before dining at his restaurant. 

Vegans took offense to his blunt plea. This is where things take a turn for the worst.

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According to BuzzFeed News, the diner who the post was directed towards found out about the owner’s direct comment towards her lifestyle. After leaving the cafe a harsh review, vegans caught word of the restaurant’s questionable sense of humor.


News of The White Moose Café’s stance on veganism spread like wildfire and various activists began leaving the restaurant poor ratings in response to Stenson’s first post. But the restaurant owner was not ready to back down.

He banned vegans from his restaurant, making violent jokes to thwart people from coming his way.

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After backlash from his violent comments took a turn for the worst, Stenson “apologized” for his behavior in a way only Ariana Grande could relate to.

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As the situation worsened, Stenson began receiving death threats as vegan protesters continued to send angry comments to the restaurant fan page.


In a strange twist of events, Stenson notes that despite the massive influx of one-star reviews from the vegan community and threats to arrest him for terroristic threats, the drama surrounding his restaurant had surprisingly started to increase his sales.

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BuzzFeed notes that, despite what it looks like, Stenson is more than willing to serve vegans—even after the huge amount of backlash he received over the past few days.

Moral of the story? It’s not always best to fight fire with fire.

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