Nature is awesome, and sometimes really disturbing.

Travis County, Texas resident Paul Fushille experienced the weirdness of nature first hand when he stumbled upon a vulture with it’s head stuck up a dead pig’s ass. Fushille writes,

“I stumbled on this dead sow and piglets in western Travis County, TX. They had been shot, probably by a rancher. Feral hogs are a growing nuisance throughout most of Texas and the SE US causing 100s of millions of dollars in damage annually. The vulture didn’t care much….except for the most tender bits deep in the hogs rectum.”

Now, you’re probably wondering if Fushille unstuck the vulture’s head from the pig’s butt. He goes on to say, “No I didn’t attempt to remove it as vultures are prone to throw up as a defense mechanism. I didn’t want pig ass on me. But, the bird did free itself within an hour or so, as reported by a friend and neighbor!”


When the bird starts moving around and flapping its wings frantically, you can hear the onlookers in the background say, “I think he clenched.” Sure looks like it.sine

We really feel for this vulture. That has to reek.

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