As it turns out, when you feel like bartenders are silently judging your drink order, they actually are. A recent Reddit thread asked bartenders to break down each stereotype associated with a customer’s typical drink order. This was the result:

Midori Sour

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Stereotype: “If someone orders a Midori Sour, they get carded. No one orders one unless they are 12.” –geoffp82


Because it’s been one of those weeks #cosmopolitan #weekendspecial

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Stereotype: “I worked behind a bar during the height of that terrible, vapid show “Sex and the City”.
Women would come in, in groups, all ordering cosmos, tipping way less than even a beer would warrant, and wind up screeching drunk at the bar, laughing about which character they were…. and trashing whichever one was in the bathroom or having a cigarette outside.
Without fail.” –Ihearthiking

A “Strong” Drink

Stereotype: “Make it a strong one” (usually while winking and nodding) without asking for a double etc = Cheap and annoying” –CosmoKramme

Vodka Sprite

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Stereotype: “Apparently being a 30 yr old male does not prevent me from being a basic bitch with my drink order (vodka sprite)” –VulcanJoo


Stereotype: “Young dude trying to look classy or something” –aquintana

Gin and Tonic

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Stereotype: “Females + G&Ts = sloppy hot drunks.” –Aubullion

Ultimately, choosing what you want to drink is your own decision, and you should drink whatever you like. Take it from bartender and redditor, Ridiculous_Diagnosis, and remember that your drink preference doesn’t really matter. He states,

“This gets asked all the time and the answer isn’t and shouldn’t be a simple yes or no. Do I think that you’re a dumb college girl or a gay man if you order something “girly” and sweet? No. I’ll think you don’t like the taste of alcohol and peach schnapps is delicious. Do I think less of people for what they order? Almost never. If I do, it’s about the person’s delivery of the order, not about what the order is.” 

[via Uproxx]