Noma founder René Redzepi first told us we should be eating insects years ago. The chef began testing a dish of live ants and yogurt back in 2012, and has since paired ants with everything from live shrimp to cabbage and crème fraîche.

And now, Redzepi is telling us we should eat like ants.

Redzepi points out that ants will instinctively march past unnatural foods like butter substitutes and head straight for the real deal. Even though a colony of 40,000 ants has collectively the same size brain as one human, ants still know whats up when it comes to the butter vs. margarine debate.

Meanwhile, Baby Boomers spent an entire generation thinking they’d discovered the secret to low calorie, yet delicious butter substitutes—then discovered much later that trans fats are way, way worse than the real thing in terms of cholesterol and heart disease.

Insects don’t listen to misleading diet fads, and they aren’t influenced by advertisements subtly coaxing them to consume more sugar, sodium, and processed foods. Maybe we should be more like ants.

Even Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern is on board with Redzepi’s philosophy about eating like insects.

[via Twitter]