It looks as though Scottish scientists may have found the blobfish’s distant cousin.

The rare sofa shark, also known as the false catshark, was caught off the coast of the Isle of Barra during a recent marine expedition. The six-foot-long, 132-pound monster has a unique rat-like appearance with droopy leather-like skin, earning it the nickname “sofa shark.”

Dr. Francis Neat, a scientist working with Marine Scotland during the time of the discovery, notes that the shark has not been seen in Scotland in over 10 years.

According to Discovery News, this is only the second time the shark has been spotted in the waters of Scotland. The sofa shark is rumored to live in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans and can be spotted at depths of aabout 4,900 feet.

After measuring and weighing the fish, scientists released the sofa shark back into the ocean. Scientists note that while there were only a handful of sharks originally believed to roam the Scottish oceans, research now proves there are over 72 different species of sharks swimming in the depths of the Scottish waters.

One question remains: Is the sofa shark the world’s cutest or ugliest animal? You decide.

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