In one of the most outlandish food-news stories to date, a 55-year-old man has reportedly assisted in the killing of his 57-year-old brother by forcibly feeding him potatoes. 

The younger brother allegedly strangled his brother to death while simultaneously shoving potatoes down his throat during a drunken brawl in Denmark. After coming to his senses, he called an ambulance in an attempt to save his brother; but unfortunately, he was too late. When the paramedics arrived, the victim was found dead with a potato stuffed inside his esophagus.

The defendant tried to convince the court that the death was self-inflicted, but the jury was not buying it.

Three members of the jury believed the man meant to kill his brother while the other half were under the assumption that he did not mean for his actions to result in death.

Ultimately, the younger brother was not charged for the murder of his brother but he was found guilty of violence causing death. He now faces seven years in jail.

[via The Daily Mail]