You already know that Miami kingpin DJ Khaled—the hitmaker behind blockbuster tracks like “All I Do Is Win” and “We The Best“—is an eating icon and budding restaurateur.

But what you didn’t know is that he flew in his own chicken wings from Miami’s Finga Licking to cap off  “Hot Ones,” in which we submit Khaled to the ultimate inquisition—progressively tougher questions paired with progressively spicier wings. Or, as Tony Yayo once put it: “Hot food, hot questions!”

But was flying in his own wings simply Khaled’s power move to try to throw off host Sean Evans? Could he withstand the heat and prove all those fuccbois wrong?

Find out in the “Hot Ones” season one finale above, and look out for DJ Khaled’s new album ‘I Changed A Lot,’ dropping October 23. It’s the hottest in the game.

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