Dinner Lab is a new members-only supper club that you should probably have on your radar. It connects adventurous diners with up-and-coming chefs for rogue pop-up dining experiences across the country.

The dinners showcase both up-and-coming culinary talent from local communities as well as skilled chefs from around the country for no-holds-barred dinner parties at remote and unexpected locations. The cuisines, chefs, patrons, and locations change with each Dinner Lab event, so members never get the same experience twice.

Unlike most conventional restaurant kitchens, chefs are given full carte blanche to tell a story through their menus – introducing recipes that speak to their heritage, ingredients they’re passionate about, and avant-garde dishes that wouldn’t necessarily fly in a traditional restaurant. At the end of each meal, diners are given cards on which they provide feedback for the chefs to help improve future dinners.


(Photo: Nicolai A. McCrary)

Now, Dinner Lab is opening its membership up to the general public for the very affordable cost of $0 per year. Under the new model, anyone can become a member and attend a Dinner Lab event by signing up for a free account on Dinner Lab’s website.

If you still want to be part of a more exclusive group, fear not: Dinner Lab will also be offering its “Select” membership option at the price of $125$ to 175 per year. Select members can sign up and pay at the main site as well, and will be able to attend an unlimited number of Dinner Lab experiences around the country at a discounted price, as well as gaining access to other perks, such as:

  • Three weeks advance notification of events and early sign up
  • Select members-only events such as happy hours, seasonal parties, chef demos and classes, chef’s table events, and a wine dinner


(Photo: KatieBird Photography)

Since launching in New Orleans in 2012, Dinner Lab has grown to 31 markets. And with innovative, populistic membership structures, it’s not hard to see why it’s the “dinner club of the future.”