Waffle House can be a beacon of hope following your late-night, drunken escapades. That is, unless you’re hit with some unwarranted menu changes.

Last Sunday, Waffle House customer Mitchell Feinberg was arrested for violently reacting to a price increase for his favorite menu item at a Georgia location. According to Munchies, the culprit was outraged that the usual price of his beloved sausage biscuit had been upped to $1.50, versus its original price of $1.

Upon receiving his bill, Feinberg threw a fit. There was no way he’d be paying an extra 50 cents for his food. The man was allegedly “sitting in a corner booth eating his meal. [The video] shows him throw his bill on the floor of the restaurant as he stands up from his booth. He walks toward the front door when you see his foot kick the front glass door. The glass shatters as he continues to push the door open and leave the scene.”


(Photo: Foodspotting)

Feinberg was later arrested, and explained to cops that he only attempted to kick down the door because he “did not want to open the greasy door with his hand.” 

Feinberg now faces felony charges for trespassing, disorderly conduct, and for the damages associated with his actions at Waffle House. The Smoking Gun notes that he is currently being held at the county jail at a $2,500 bond.

To avoid situations like this happening again, the police department posted this message to their Facebook page, “Tip of the day: When the Waffle House employee tells you the sausage biscuit is no longer $1 and the new price is $1.50, please refrain from punching the glass door open while storming out. Glass tends to shatter when met with such force, and you will be swiftly taken into custody.”


[via Munchies]