Weight lifting with your penis is a thing. The sex experts at Cosmopolitan explain, “Turns out, guys can benefit from kegels in much the same way women can (better orgasms, plus harder erections), and adding weight both expedites the strengthening and sounds like a personal nightmare.”

This Chinese man must’ve read the January 2015 issue of Cosmo, then promptly decided to lift THREE crates of beer (stacked one on top if another) using nothing but his penis, the force of gravity, and inertia.

The man attaches the beer to his shlong—we don’t know what he attached it with, given that his genitalia was hidden behind a small yellow cloth—then lifts the beer crates off the ground using nothing but… you get the idea. He then begins swaying his hips so that the beer swings back and forth like a pendulum hanging from his penis. He swings the beer a full 30 times before raising his hands above his head in victory.

The Daily Mail reports that the video was captured by an onlooker and first posted on the Chinese social network, Weibo. Thank you, anonymous onlooker; this video is truly inspiring.

[via The Daily Mail]