After what’s gone down in terms of hacking over the past couple of years, a sex tape leaking is hardly big news anymore—especially if it’s not even of a celebrity, but just your average Dick and Jane.

But every now and then, a sex tape drops that does make one sit up, take notice, and think “what the hell?” Thus is the case with some sex tapes that recently surfaced of a married Orthodox priest from Washington Heights, in which he is seen “carrying on” with the married female principal of the school attached to his church. (Whoops.)

Nowadays, when you hear of a priest doing something naughty, you might not even bat an eyelash. And yes, some contents of the videos contain merely your run-of-the-mill sexually intimate behavior and low-level kink involving feet. But that’s not really what’s caught people’s attention, this is: the video that has surfaced featuring the priest watching as his lover, dressed in high hells and thong, lowers her derriere down onto a piece of banana bread and wiggles until it is completely flattened.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t her accidentally sitting on some baked goods leftover from breakfast. No, no—she was doing it on purpose, to arouse her lover, in an actual fetishistic act known as “cake crush” or “cake sitting.”

crushHey, far be it for us to pass judgment on the priest or his mistress. Except for the fact that, you know, they’re both married… and he was known for enforcing incredibly conservative practices on women of his church… and he hired the mistress as the school’s principal even though she had no prior educational experience. For those things, yeah, maybe some judgment can be passed. But for the cake sitting? Ain’t no thing.

Photo: SOURCE Cake, anyone? (Just don't ask where it's been.)

Cake, anyone? (Photo: Flickr)

[via The New York Post]